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UX Leadership

It focuses on what kind of conditions must be met to maximize UX maturity in businesses, organizations, how to set up and manage a successful UX team, how to control the process by creating a UX strategy and using UX metrics.

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Online (zoom)

4 - 30 person

3 days

(Could be change)

12 hours



5400 TL - 6440 TL

(VAT included)


Learn the Service Design method. Measure and increase UX-CX maturity level, measure UX impact, define metrics. Build, develop and manage a UX team. Develop a culture of collaboration and co-creation with the Design Thinking approach.

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Real-life case studies

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Experienced global trainers

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Online training with small groups

Module 4

Best Practices for Leading UX Projects
  • Divergence and Convergence in Context

  • Co-design and Effective Feedback

  • Building the Design Culture

  • DesignOps and ResearchOps

  • MVP, Lean UX

  • Methods for Prioritization

Module 5

Measuring the Experience
  • Why We Measure the Experience

  • Measuring UX in Context and Over-Time

  • Measuring Usability. UX Quality Metrics.

  • Measuring Customer Experience (CX)

  • ROI of UX

  • KPIs vs Metrics

  • Google HEART Framework

  • Automated Tools

Module 1

UX Leadership
  • Design Maturity

  • Challenges in Implementing UX Approach in Organizations

Module 2

Preparing UX Initiatives
  • UX Strategy

  • Business Value of UX Work

  • Identifying UX Opportunities

  • Creating a Business Case for UX Initiative

  • Design Briefing, Framing Design Challenges

Module 3

Building UX Teams
  • Roles in a UX Team

  • UX Skills Frameworks

  • Human (Soft) Skills

  • Creating Career Paths for Design Teams

  • Scaling Design Teams in an Organization

  • Recruiting Team Members

  • DesignOps / ResearchOps


Student /
New Graduate*

A transcript or student certificate is requested from the participants who will benefit from this discount.

5400 TL


(VAT included)


For purchases of 4 or more participants, a discount is applied according to the number of people.

6440 TL


(VAT included)

4 - 7 Person

When you contact us for your participations of 4-7 people, we define special coupons for you.

5990 TL


(VAT included)

7+ Person

When you contact us for your participations of 7+ people, we define special coupons for you.

5470 TL


(VAT included)

Level 3 Pricing

*Student Discounts are applied to; Unemployed/No-Regular Income holders, High School, Undergrad, Grad, Masters and Doctorate degree students and people graduated with these degrees no later than 3 years and still has no employement.


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