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Executing UX

It aims to bring the approach of transforming business objectives into UX strategy by enabling participants to acquire a skill set of UX techniques. It helps to optimize quality – efficiency at every step of digital projects.

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Online (zoom)

4 - 30 person

3 days

(Could be change)

12 hours



4850 TL - 5700 TL

(VAT included)


Integrate UX activities into each project step. Learn about UX tools and methods that can be used to meet business goals with UX strategy. Choose the right research methods and user sampling, learn about many user research methods.

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Real-life case studies

Group 3818.png

Experienced global trainers

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Online training with small groups

Module 4

Prototyping and Testing
  • Designing the solution

  • Information Architecture (IA)

  • Prototyping Solutions

  • Organizing Design Work

  • Visual Design

  • Evaluate Design

Module 5

Supporting Dev Team
  • Documentation for Development Teams

  • Agile UX: Integrate UX Activities into Agile Methodologies

  • Launching and Measuring Results

Module 1

Discovering VoB and VoM
  • Framing the Right Challenge

  • Understanding Business Outcomes and Impact

  • Stakeholders Voice

  • Competitive Research

Module 2

Discovering VoC (User Research)
  • Importance of User Research

  • User Research Map

  • Generative/Exploratory Research

  • In-depth Interviews (IDIs)

  • Ethnography

  • Unmoderated Remote Studies

  • Summary of Methods

  • Generate Research Deliverables

Module 3

Product Strategy and Value Proposition
  • Understanding value for the user

  • Designing the Product Strategy

  • Value Proposition

  • Ideation Techniques

  • Building a Roadmap


Student /
New Graduate*

A transcript or student certificate is requested from the participants who will benefit from this discount.

4850 TL


(VAT included)


For purchases of 4 or more participants, a discount is applied according to the number of people.

5700 TL


(VAT included)

4 - 7 Person

When you contact us for your participations of 4-7 people, we define special coupons for you.

5300 TL


(VAT included)

7+ Person

When you contact us for your participations of 7+ people, we define special coupons for you.

4900 TL


(VAT included)

Level 2 Pricing

*Student Discounts are applied to; Unemployed/No-Regular Income holders, High School, Undergrad, Grad, Masters and Doctorate degree students and people graduated with these degrees no later than 3 years and still has no employement.


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